Planetary Energies

From my own studies in Evolutionary Astrology (EA) and reading other astrological books and materials, I’ve come to understand that astrology can provide a great insight into our lives. A natal birth chart is essentially a snap-shot of the way the planets were located at the moment a person was born. I once read that a birth chart can be seen as our own personal business card, now that’s an interesting way to look at it!

The birth chart is basically split into 12 different houses (western astrology). Each house is ruled and governed by particular star signs and planets, i.e. the 1st house is traditionally ruled by Aries and the planet Mars and the 10th house by Capricorn and the planet Saturn.  I won’t go into the description of each house as this will be a whole book in itself! There are many websites and books in the public domain which cover this area. All you need to know here is that each house in a birth chart relates to different areas of life such as the self, family, work and relationships amongst others.

I’m finding that life isn’t just a random journey and more importantly planetary energies play a part in determining the direction we take, albeit this often happens unconsciously. It’s important to note here that these energies don’t cause things to happen, they just reflect energy. Every one of us handles life in very different ways and what I’ve found from studying my own chart and charts of others, is that there appears to be a pattern in where the various planets are located and how life is experienced.

Take the moon for example. In astrology the moon relates to one’s emotional reality (though it is also associated with the mother, family life and childhood). But did you know that depending on where your moon sign is located in your birth chart and in which star sign; this can show you more about your emotional character and how you handle life?

Let me give you a simple example. If someone’s moon sign is found in the sign of Pisces and is located in the 12th house, this then shows me that this is an individual who is quite sensitive emotionally and others may not see this. But if this moon sign was located in the 1st house then the story changes. This placement would show me that this is someone who is again sensitive but their emotions will be out there for all to see, they just won’t be able to hide their feelings.  This is just a small example and other factors in the birth chart also need to be taken into consideration to gain an overall picture.

Now this can also be done with the other planets found in a birth chart; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. All the planets describe different personality traits such as Venus relates to feelings and Mars relates to assertiveness.  It’s interesting to see where the planets are located and how they play a role in our lives. If you feel that I could help you in a particular area of your life where you need guidance, then I can take a look at your birth chart and provide a Life/Soul Coaching session. Please note this is not a full astrological reading but a session where I take a look at your natal chart and help see what energies govern a particular area of your life, how you are using these energies and how to overcome any problems.  If this interests you, then I’d love to hear from you.

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