Re-writing again during Mercury Retrograde!

It’s Mercury Retrograde (Rx) and I decide to publish another blog again! How very apt, considering Mercury rules writing and communication. Now for those of you who don’t know what Mercury Rx is, in a nut shell, it’s when the planet associated with communication, transport and linear thinking slows down in the skies and hence has an energetic effect on how we think and communicate. Though planets don’t cause things to happen, they do reflect energy. So during phases of Mercury Rx it’s not a good idea to start new things/projects but it is a good time to RE-do things. So if there’s anything you’ve been putting off for the past few months or things you’ve tried to do but never got around to completing, this is the perfect time to re-do those things. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly things get done!

Some of the things that you’ll notice during this phase are travel delays, miscommunication between people, technology breakdowns, basically anything linked to transport and communication goes a bit haywire! Another common aspect associated with phases of Mercury Rx is re-communication from people from your past whom you haven’t heard from in a while or thought you’d never hear from again.

Mercury will be Rx until 10th October 2015. So just make a note of what happens during this time, you’ll most definitely see the effects of Mercury Rx in play in some form or another. Astrology is after all an art of observation and correlation.

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