Endings & Beginnings!

2015 is coming to a close and like most people I’ve been reflecting on the year that is ending. In short, 2015 didn’t end the way I expected when it began!

A lot of changes have taken place in my life and one thing I know for sure is that every single person I have connected with this year has contributed to making me who I am today. In hindsight, I’ve realised everything that was happening was to help lead me to understand myself better. Even though this clarity was rarely there when the events were enfolding, I do recall embracing any fear I had and just going with what life was literally throwing my way. The end result was actually liberation and a better understanding of what I wanted out of my own life.

The one thing this year has taught me is that at times we will question and fight against things not going the way we expect, but the truth of the matter is that everything that happens serves us in the best way possible. The negative or bad experiences we believe that we are going through, are in fact there to help us understand our own nature and exactly what we want to achieve in our own lives.

I don’t recall starting 2015 with any particular resolutions as I believe each day is a new day and we are always in a way starting afresh. But if you are someone who likes to keep resolutions, then make sure that one of them is to enjoy each day as it comes because it’s this time, the now, that is the only time we really have. No amount of worrying about the future will change what is destined to come your way. My work with astrology has proven that!

Before I finish this post, I also wanted to make a dedication to Dr Wayne Dyer who passed away in August this year. His work and teachings have helped me enormously in my own life especially when it came to following my own passion of helping people in overcoming life problems and following a career path that many people don’t consider a career. One of my favourite quotes is taken from his first book, which has gone onto be one of the best-selling books of all time “Your Erroneous Zones” first published in 1976:

“Have you really lived 10,000 or more days or have you lived one day, 10,000 or more times”

Just something for you all to ponder. 🙂

My wish for you all is to have a great 2016 where you follow your dreams embracing and enjoying life every step of the way!

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