Childhood dreams

I’m at home at the moment and it got me thinking about the dreams I had as a little girl and where life has actually taken me today. I was having a conversation with my younger brother telling him that, where I thought I would be at this age is actually nowhere near where I am today. In fact, it was so far off that if someone had told me where I would be, I would never have believed them. But saying that, I wouldn’t change it back to where I thought I wanted to be. I love where my life is today and wouldn’t want it any other way.

I truly believe fate, destiny and free will go hand-in-hand. We can make plans, prepare to do certain things, but we are always led to where we are supposed to be. I recall travelling to London for a sixth-form school trip at the age of 18 and my first reaction was ‘I never want to live in this city’. Fast forward 7 years, I’m living in London and I love it!

It’s good to have dreams and plan for things you want, but it’s also important to be flexible. The more we struggle with things we want to make happen, the more difficult and depressing life can become. I’ve learnt it’s important to let go (it can be hard at times I know!) and just go with things as they are.

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