It’s all about this ‘moment’.

I’ve turned another year older this month. I actually can’t believe my 20s have gone! Not that I am upset about it, far from it. My twenties didn’t quite go according to plan so I’ve not got major plans for my 30s…apart from being ‘happy’ and trying to enjoy each moment.

Talking about enjoying each moment, this reminds me of a lady I came across at the weekend. I was in Starbucks and whilst I was reading and people watching I happened to notice one woman in particular. The reason I noticed her was because of how ‘sad’ she looked. She also appeared to be people watching like me but she had a very ‘sad’ look about her and the energy around her was deflating. I felt low just looking at her. It’s quite amazing how we can pick up on non-verbal signals even from people we don’t even know. I actually wanted to talk to her and say that whatever was on her mind would pass but she looked deep in her thoughts so I carried on reading.

I am sure you have all heard of the saying that ‘the present is a gift’. It’s a shame that many of us are too pre-occupied in dealing with what’s gone on yesterday and what will happen tomorrow to enjoy this gift. I put my hands up; I’ve done this and still do at times (though I try not to). It’s only when I sit and focus on what is going on right in front of me I realise that life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. We often forget this. No matter how in (or out) of control we think we are, there is often a bigger hand of the universe controlling things.

Now this again reminds me of a quote (I do love quoting!) from Colette Baron Reid where she has said something along the lines that whatever is meant for you will not go past you. So stop worrying! I really do like this quote.

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