Where has 2012 gone?!

Time seems to have accelerated! We’re already more than half way through the year and I feel like it’s gone in a blink of an eye!  My last blog was towards the start of the year, and I’ve spent most part of this year studying to add a new element to my coaching work and though the new aspect can be described as a form of ‘life’ coaching, I personally like the word ‘soul’ coaching better.

The course I am doing is called Evolutionary Astrology and as the name suggests it’s all linked to the world of astrology. I have found that there is more to a person than just looking at their respective sun signs. Yes they play a very big part, but did you know that your moon sign adds more oomph to your personality, especially when it comes to your emotions? And going one step further, the nodes of the moon can provide you with information about the life journey you’re on? I will explain more of what this all involves another time. For now lets’ just say the course is keeping me very busy and extremely fascinated by the world and the universe.

In the meantime if anyone would like any guidance in their life, then I am available for coaching sessions.  I hope the year so far has been good to you all.

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