If it feels right, it probably is!

It has been awhile since I last published a blog! And it’s not because I haven’t written anything because oh boy I have, a lot! So much so that I am seriously contemplating writing a book! Now that’s another story. The truth of the matter is that it just didn’t feel right publishing those writings at that time, more so because they are probably a lot more personal thoughts (about where I’ve been in the past year or so in my own journey) and I am not really ready to share those with the world…yet.

My main focus in my published writings is to highlight ways I can help others (and myself!) and to show that ultimately we are all connected on the grand scale. Our so-called problems are more often than not very similar or even in fact exactly the same and I find that if I can share this with others and help them along their own life journey, then I’ve done something useful and positive. I actually started writing this blog this morning and I am not going to put it to one side, because for whatever reason it feels right to publish it now. And I am going with that feeling.

The lesson in this I believe is that if something feels right to you then more often than not it’s the right thing to do. Whatever it is, no one else can tell you what to do. People  can offer their opinion or advise (me included here!) ultimately it is your journey and you are only really accountable to one person; yourself. So, if something just doesn’t feel right, then trust that feeling. Even if the thing you decide to do doesn’t end up working out in the way you expected, knowing you followed your gut instinct will help. At times it may not make sense at the time, but somewhere down the path it will all make sense and you’ll be able to join those dots together.


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