Eclipse season!

This year August 2017 is an intense month astrologically because it’s eclipse season! Eclipses have traditionally been known as bringing on events that disrupt, magnify, accelerate and intensify life around us, both personally and on a global scale. The effects of eclipses can play up to six months after the event, so be prepared for changes to come into your life in the areas of your natal birth chart that are ruled by Aquarius and Leo.

It really is a sensitive time as people will be more prone to emotional reactions and this is especially the case when the moon is involved because the moon represents our emotions. So be aware of this and understand that with this highly charged energetic field right now, it’s best to stay active and release any emotions you’re feeling. Today we have a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and the New Moon total Solar Eclipse in Leo taking place on 21st August.

The Full Moon today is in the sign of Aquarius and this as an archetype is about individuality, rebellion, being different, objectivity and generally liberating yourself from societal pressures. Often we end up doing things because its just what society expects, be it having a 9-5 job, getting married then having kids and the list can go on and on! But what Aquarius does, is it gets you to look at things objectively and process what works for you and what doesn’t. So with this full moon, step back and process what is working in your life and what isn’t and make the necessary changes. Also with the intense energy flying around, find time to be in your own space. To do the things that you love and to process all that has come to culmination since the last New Moon took place two weeks ago.

Aquarius represents the energy of independence too, where we are truly being ourselves and letting life flow without trying to control or letting our egos get in the way! Knowing that when we follow our individual truth, life truly opens up doors and opportunities and things just fall into place. When we block this energy, this can then result in creating trauma and we can feel despondent, alone and fragmented. This Full Moon (especially with it being a lunar eclipse) is helping us to clear out parts of our lives that no longer work. It also marks the end of anything that began at the last New Moon lunar eclipse on February 10th, which no longer supports our highest good. Even if we don’t physically make any changes, knowing that some sudden endings may just happen in our lives (as Aquarius can bring about things suddenly), by flowing with the process, new things will eventually come in. It is only by removing old energy that we can make room for new energy to flow. Just think of this as a form of emotional spring cleaning!

Following on from the ‘Full Moon’ partial eclipse, we will have the Leo ‘New Moon’ solar eclipse taking place on 21st August and this is a big one! With the Sun and Moon both placed in the sign of Leo, there is a double energetic focus on the self, ego, purpose and having a child-like approach to life. Knowing that you are living each day as authentically as possible makes the journey of life more exciting and enjoyable.

The Sun’s astrological position is in the sign of Leo this month and Leo signifies creativity. Therefore this month also represents following the creative authenticity you desire even if it means being different and standing out from the crowd! It is all about being authentic to yourself and your journey. This could be anything from following that childhood dream of learning ballet or signing up to learning the piano! Anything that makes that inner-child within happy. Leo, in astrology, represents the child-within, so go fulfil those passions you’ve always dreamt of doing since childhood! Knowing that you’re following your own truth and you’re validating your authenticity, life becomes a lot more joyful and effortless. And isn’t that essentially why we are all here, to be happy individuals!

As I mentioned earlier, eclipses always bring external events be it on a global level or on a personal one so be conscious of this. There is a lot more going on with other planets too which will add to mix and the way this will play out depends on the placements in your own natal birth chart. I am available for readings should you wish to have a more in depth analysis. But for now all you need to do is validate your own experience and understand that no one else can make you feel anything, you are the creator of your reality and you hold the power to shine as bright as you want to! Here’s to being able to follow your truth and knowing that happiness truly comes from within.

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