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I have written a lot since I published my last post. And I seem to be getting into the habit (subconsciously) of writing during a Mercury Retrograde period! Go figure!! I have always been pulled towards writing & have done so since my teens. How I wish I kept those old journals but I know they would have been full of ‘drama’ and I guess it’s not a place I wish to revisit again.

So over the past few years I have become an avid user of Instagram and at first it was just about pictures and small descriptions but since I moved onto a business account with my coaching work, I have found that I am writing and publishing more on that network. Not that I don’t come back onto my web page and write. I have about 5 unpublished blogs which I haven’t released yet but as they haven’t been deleted, I guess they will be published on here rather than Instagram. Why? Because I find that Instagram is great for those short instant pieces, such as astrological transits and goings on and a blog page is more descriptive in nature and one can enjoy reading over a coffee (I am enjoying a chai latte whilst I write this!).

God I have missed this! Just sitting down, on my laptop in a cool coffee shop in London and just writing. I have a feeling I’ll be doing this a lot more going forward. It is a whole new decade and all! 🙂

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