Taking Control Through Chaos

A few months into quarantine and it gets you thinking about all the information that we are being bombarded with on news channels, social media accounts and even through conversations with friends and family. I have to be honest, I stopped listening to the news quite early on because I was finding it quite negative. Not that I stopped listening to what ‘experts’ were talking about, but I decided I wanted to choose who to hear from, not dictated by the TV channels.

One of the most liberated philosophical thinkers in our times was Jiddu Krishnamurti and one of his books ‘Freedom from the Known’ is a must read for the times we find ourselves in. As we navigate our way through a ‘new world’ his words have brought me inner peace and an awareness to the fact that freedom really is “a state of mind”. As a collective race, we are here to help one another and to be of service to the whole of humanity. The fact is that we all have a choice to what information we take in,.So let that information, whether it is books/TV/podcasts etc, be empowering so it helps you to stay in control of your life.

There is so much information about this virus and its effects and you have to do what feels right to you. It always come back to the power you have and where you decide to use it. Astrologically there is a lot going on, and with a lot of planets in a retrograde motion (which means they have slowed down compared to their usual momentum) I truly believe we are also being called to SLOW down.

The planet Saturn, which symbolizes society/structures/governments entered the astrological sign of Aquarius briefly before it retrograded back into Capricorn. Aquarius is the planet linked to revolution/community/freedom and with Saturn dipping it’s toes into this sign we had a brief introduction as to where the world could be heading. And about time! We have lived in a patriarchal world for far too long and not years but centuries! It’s time for a new world to emerge.

The Pluto/Saturn conjunction in January 2020 was no coincidence to the world waking up to the news of the worldwide pandemic. For the first time in human history as we know it (It’s happened before in other civilizations and that topic is for another day!) we are as a collective human race in the same boat. Though we are all individuals living in a collective world, where there are so many different religions, philosophies, cultures, belief systems etc. This virus has united the world like never before. And there is a great opportunity presented, to unite as a global race – the highest vibration of Aquarius as a global community or will the world focus on their own individual desires leading to further separation?

Astrology is just another tool that can help you to take control as we are all born with the planets placed in a particular way. Your natal birth chart is a blueprint of your life. It;s a symbolic map showcasing your evolutionary journey as a Soul on earth. The past, present & future energetically linked to show your Soul’s evolutionary desire(s). The current planetary movements will be having a deeper effect in your life depending on where they are moving in your own birth chart. If you find yourself in a position where you’d like more clarity and guidance, then I’d love to help. A very simple fact we all naturally forget is that we are all Souls having a Human experience and by coming back to this, we can truly step back and see the bigger picture of life and its events.

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