Current energetic map of the skies!

There is a heaviness in the skies…can you feel it? You are possibly feeling the burden of Saturn, the desire to metamorphose because of Pluto and the urge to growth because of Jupiter. The thing is, all these 3 heavy hitting planets are in a Retrograde (Rx) motion, which means all the energies are being felt within. Rx planets are always about re-doing and re-visiting matters which need to be reviewed again. And in the sign of Capricorn, the heaviness is emphasized as a Rx Capricorn seeks to liberate from any form of conditioning that no longer works. We are being asked to become our own authority and to learn to look within ourselves for the answers we seek. If there was ever a time to learn meditation, it’s now!

Mars in Aries is also playing a key role here, especially as it’s going to also go Rx from 9th September to 13th November 2020. Mars Rx is about re-directing the external action oriented energies to go within, where the energies are intensified for an internal review of where your life is headed. Literally the Soul is seeking to purge whatever is not serving its growth. The best way to navigate through this time will be by not reacting to others and not doing anything impulsive. With Mars Rx revisiting the same points of degrees it has moved through since the end of June 2020 to September 2020, anything you feel you may have dealt with may come back up for review. This time you’ll most likely be wearing a different hat when dealing with the issue, and that’s a good thing! If the first time around you felt the situation could have been handled differently, life will present another opportunity for you to do this.

This is why Rx’s can often be great! It’s a time for inner-reflection which is something we all need from time to time. So allow these energies to flow through. If you need time out, take that time out. If you feel that you maybe falling into depression, this is often a sign that an internal adjustment needs to be made. These planetary energies are giving us that time. If however you feel the depression is deeply affecting your life, please seek professional help. Astrology as a tool is a great way to understand and navigate through energetic waters but it’s always free will that dictates which way the energies flow. You are after all the one in the driving seat of life.

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