Life’s Too Short

I went to meet a friend today in central London and as I was standing at Angel underground station, my focus went to the notice-board which has the travel updates on. Today there were no travel updates but there was a short message: “:) life is too short”.  I couldn’t help but smile at this, and I looked around to see who else had seen this. I wasn’t surprised to see that no one had paid any notice and walked straight past the board. It’s life I guess, we get consumed by our daily activities and in this case, getting from A to B.

As I waited, I then got thinking about how we can let opportunities in life pass us by. Life presents many paths and it’s up to us to decide which path to take. Life will offer each one of us many opportunities to follow the herd or to follow what feels right to us alone. I’m at this stage in my life and in more ways than one! And what have I decided to do about this? I’m taking the path that ‘feels’ right to me rather than what ‘feels’ right to other people. And if it all goes wrong, then oh well…life’s too short not to take some risks 🙂

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