‘Work’ and ‘Time’ go hand-in-hand

”Let each of us consider our talents, and imagine what would happen if they could be transformed into jobs” (Roman Krznaric)

I recently read two short but interesting books called ‘Work and the Art of Living’ and ‘Time and the Art of Living’ by Roman Krznaric and it got me thinking about both these areas. Work is something which is inevitable in our lives, without work, we can’t make money and without money we can’t survive. It really is that simple.

Time surrounds us 24/7. We can’t imagine life without ‘time’. I am sure you can all relate to the ‘time of the day’ when you work best. We spend most of our life working; therefore most of our time is largely spent at ‘work’. So, do you love the work you do?

I don’t know the number, but I suspect not many would say that they ‘love’ their day job, so much in fact that it seems like a hobby. Most people would fall under the category of ‘liking’ their job or ‘being good’ at their job. But can you say that you love your job so much that it doesn’t feel like working? Doing what you love should feel effortless, shouldn’t it?

I love helping people (I’ve completed a Diploma in Life Coaching, have recently set up my own business and am working towards being accredited), I love writing (hence my blogs), I love reading (you will never see me without a book in my bag), I love watching movies (I hold a monthly unlimited Cineworld cinema pass), and I love watching and playing (I try!) tennis (I’ve been to Wimbledon on a few occasions and one of my dreams is to do the grand slam visit one year soon!). When I make time to do all of these things, it really does feel effortless.

We can all love the work we do. We can work part time at weekends or better still, do two part time jobs. To make life meaningful we all need to do something which makes us feel worthwhile and alive, and as Krznaric states “another route to a purposeful working life is to feel that you are using your talents”.

Therefore, if you are currently in a job which doesn’t bring you any joy, then a choice needs to be made. Either you accept the job you’re in and start to see the positives, or you change things. Only you can do this. The first step is always about making the decision and then putting it into action. At the end of the day, the only person’s time that is being taken up is yours. The following quote I feel sums this all up in one sentence:

“Let each of us invent our own rhythms, and walk to the beat of our own drummers” (Roman Krznaric)

Finally, in honour of officially setting up my own life coaching business this week, I feel the slogan I have devised for my business ‘Free Spirit Life Coaching’ concludes this piece rather aptly – Become the spirit you were born to be.

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