Free Spirit

I’ve had some people ask me why I decided to call my life coaching company ‘free spirit’. I believe we are all born as ‘free spirits’, we are all unique and have the right to live life the way we choose to. The name of my business promotes living life on your terms and they way in which you want to. As a life coach, I aim to assist people in achieving this goal, this may be following a change of career, being more healthy, achieving a work/life balance to name but a few areas.

It can be frustrating to see individuals being bound down by other people’s rules and expectations when deciding how to live their lives. Cultural aspects are thrown into the midst when we are young; one example is when Asian families push their kids into professions they would like them to be in rather than looking at what their child would like to do. Another element associated with a few cultures around the world is that of an arranged or introduced marriage. Partners are sought for people based on certain criteria’s such as caste, religion, social status etc. But are these really the most important attributes? Surely a parent would want their child to be happy irrespective of whether the person in question meets the man-made chosen criteria?!

Intuitively we know all what ‘feels’ right. Be it a chosen career path or a partner we choose to spend our life with. The ‘spirit’ in each one of us knows and feels the truth, but many of us have repressed these feelings to possibly follow the path chosen by someone else. You’ve all heard of the saying ‘life is too short’ and life truly is too short to spend living someone else’s dream.

We all know someone (or this could be you) who wishes life could be more fulfilling. I’ve been there myself and I am proud to say I’ve been given the freedom and choice to follow my path (though after a few hurdles!). Yes there will be challenges along the way, that’s just life. You can’t have the good without the bad, polarity exists in everything. Being true to your spirit is being authentic to yourself and your dreams. I hope nothing is stopping you from being a ‘free spirit’.

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