What is real?

The world around us is made up of the way we think and what we feel. It’s all energy. When something is old and worn out it is often thrown away and replaced with something new. The same principle applies to our lives and the way we think. The Dalai Lama recently tweeted “the key to transforming our hearts and minds is to have an understanding of how our thoughts and emotions work”.

Releasing old energy makes room for new and fresh things to come into our lives. This principle is also valid when it comes to things which don’t seem to be working for us. When our lives become stagnant, the energy has become old and no longer works. The first and important step here is to realise what isn’t working and once this has been achieved, then you can do something about it. Just like ‘spring cleaning’ your home, it’s important to look at what thought patterns no longer work for you. Your thoughts create your reality and therefore they can be very powerful.

Reality is ultimately the perception of one person. In other words what is ‘real’ to you may not be ‘real’ to another person. One example here is that of religion. Depending on your religious faith you will either believe in one ‘God’ as opposed to another. Therefore in your world view that ‘God’ is real but to the person who is of another religious background this will not be ‘real’. We are all individuals, living individual beliefs. Our energies are always focussed in different directions but our ultimate goal remains the same; one of happiness.

Therefore to ensure your ‘reality’ is exactly what you want it to be; be mindful of your thoughts. Do your thoughts reflect positivity? Like attracts like, so think positivity and attract positivity.

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