Acceptance and Surrender to ‘What Is’.

It’s been over a year since my last blog. A lot has happened this year that right now I have to ask myself; where did the time go?!

One notable change in my life has been being made redundant. In today’s economic climate it really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but it was a shock at the time because I somehow had this belief that the job would always be there! It’s amazing how accustomed we can become to things we actually have no control over. If I am truly honest, the actual job loss was a good kick up the backside I needed to get my priorities right in my working life. But the fact it happened just after I returned from an amazing trip to Australia wasn’t great! But what can you do in life when things like this happen, but to venture forwards.

Therefore, since leaving the corporate world in April I have had time to reflect on my life in general and where I am going. This time has allowed me to get some priorities in order and to take time out and take each day as it comes.

Over the past few months I have been reading, studying and learning so much more that it’s now in hindsight that I can see the redundancy as a blessing in disguise. I suddenly had time to focus on myself and my business (which I set up over a year ago in Life Coaching). I was ultimately led to some new areas of self-development which has given me a greater understanding as to how I can help people via my coaching work.

What I am working on at the moment is around the idea of ‘Soul Coaching’. I came across this principle a few months ago whilst reading about Astrology. Carl Jung was definitely onto something when he said that there was more to Astrology than just mere planets and stars in the sky! So watch this space (no pun intended!) as I am introducing an element to my coaching work which may be of interest to you.

Overall, this whole experience of being made redundant provided me with the opportunity to just accept and surrender to what was happening in my life. If I had chosen to be a ‘victim’ in all this and dwell on not having a job, then I really would just have been making myself miserable. But I chose to see the job loss as a blessing and an opportunity to follow what my heart wanted to do professionally. Ultimately this has led me on a path of more self-discovery and realisation that where I was in the past wasn’t where I really wanted to be.

We all have to remember that life will throw us into situations we don’t anticipate, but really these obstacles and challenges are very often exactly what we need to grow. We forget this is a soul journey where we grow as individuals. Through my own experience I have come to understand that by holding an attitude of acceptance and surrender to ‘what is’ happening, life can be enjoyed one step at a time. It’s only when we argue against what life is throwing our way that the journey can seem like a challenge.

It’s good to remember it’s often our attitude and reaction to the events in our life which determines our experience of it. Therefore, if like me you’ve gone through changes this year which you didn’t anticipate, have faith that they happened for a reason. And better still; why don’t you hold the belief that these changes are leading you on a journey that will be more rewarding than you ever could have imagined.

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