Decondition those conditioned beliefs!

Life is always in a constant state of evolution; nothing ever stays the same. This principle got me thinking about why so many people today are still conditioned in following beliefs and ways of life that no longer work for them. Even the Royal family have had to change their ways. It’s only this year that the first ever Royal member married a ‘commoner’ (if that’s what you can call Kate Middleton!) and the rule about the first born being a Son to be King has also been abolished. Now if Kate has a baby girl first, she will automatically be the next Queen. It’s nice to see even the Royal family adapting and deconditioning their old beliefs and traditions that no longer work in today’s society.

We are all conditioned to believe life needs to be lived in a particular way, especially those individuals who have had a religious or cultural upbringing. Ultimately every human being is conditioned in one way or another and when we’re young it’s an integral part of our lives. But as adults some of the conditions we’ve grown up around no longer work. So why do we blindly follow the herd?

It’s only in hindsight that we realise that our elders only did what they knew best at a particular time. But for some of us now as adults, we are realising that their way of life doesn’t work for us. Happiness for us may not come through their models of life and we need to be allowed to adopt a lifestyle that makes us rather than others happy.

For example, there’s a common belief in all cultures that a woman should be married by a particular age and have kids by a certain age. But what if a woman or a man chooses to follow a different path? Let’s outline some other possibilities in life; what if a married couple decide never to have kids? What if that single woman/man chooses to never marry? What if a person decides to follow his/her passion and gives up a corporate career? These are all new concepts for the traditional person out there. But this doesn’t mean it’s a wrong way to live.

So ask yourself; what beliefs and traditions are you holding onto that no longer work for you? And do you have the power to decondition those beliefs? By deconditioning I am referring to following conditions set by yourself for what works for you today. Remember, even these conditions will most likely change in the future. As I said earlier nothing ever stays the same.

Another way to put this is to ask yourself; whose life script are you following? It’s a sad fact that we’ve been conditioned to believe life needs to follow a particular route, when in fact, life is an experience and most often will lead us down paths that may even surprise us! But that’s where the magic is. Life’s a journey of exploration and growth. We will encounter a lot of changes along the way because we will grow as individuals. Our goal posts will change, and if we’re flexible enough to adapt to the conditions then the journey can be enjoyed rather than endured.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like” (Lao-Tzu).

So, what are you conditioned to in your life and resisting to change?

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