About me

Hello,  my name is Rav, welcome to my website!

Having completed a ‘Counselling Skills Diploma’ in September 2007 and then a ‘Life Coaching Diploma’ in 2008 (where I received a Distinction), I have spent the last 10+ years trying to understand the power we all have in our lives. This led me to Astrology where I saw the power of energies, through the planetary alignments in our solar system, helping us to become soul-conscious rather than ego-conscious. How often we forget the simple premise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around!

At times it can take an outsider to help us to see something that we cannot perceive, and this is often because our mind is stuck in the ‘problem mindset’ rather than the ‘solution mindset’. This is where a Coach can help (more details can be found under what is a Life/Soul Coach).

I am currently in the process of completing the  Jeffrey Wolf Green ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ course which truly dives into our Soul journey on Earth and helps us to find answers when we get lost on this journey of life. It also takes the personal self-development aspect in a direction where we can understand our Soul journey on earth. It really is a fascinating subject! So much so that I have dedicated my coaching work to this field where I seek to empower individuals in their own lives (please see the Soul Coaching section for more information).

I can help you to gain a deeper insight into where you are in life currently, the challenges you may be experiencing and how you can take control of your life especially when it can feel confusing. Helping people has always been a passion of mine. I have a huge interest in the area of self-development and psychology. So I hope I can be of service to anyone seeking to understand their life journey, and to truly embracing a more authentic way of being.

(Contact forms can be found in the section ‘contact & fees’).