“Thank you for the reading and detailed notes and summary. It was interesting to go back to the notes, recently, two weeks after our reading, and find that each time I read them, I discover something new and helpful. As a scientist and a non-religious person, I found our meeting inspirational and challenging of my pre-existing ideas about astrology. I came with a certain attitude and expectation and these have been met and satisfied. It was reassuring to hear another angle and way of looking at myself. The reading has also given me more motivation and confidence in my future plans. Thank you again.” (AH)

“Thank you so much for your time and for your reading…as someone who has never really been into these things, it was an absolute eye opener. Made me aware about so much going on without me even realising myself! This definitely won’t be a one off as you have given me so much insight about my inner self – thank you so much once again.” 🙏 (AJ)

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing reading! With your professional opinion in regards of my life events I will now be able to improve myself and heal from my past. I will suggest this great experience to all of my friends in order to understand better their self and learn from it! You were wonderful thank you.” 🙏 (VS)

“I would like to thank you so much for writing such an in-depth Evolutionary reading! You touched on matters that were personal (something I’ve never disclosed to anyone – not even my therapist) in regards to my career choice correlating to my childhood experience. This has made me realise how I need to reconnect with myself and think on a deeper level. Your reading has most definitely re-evaluated my life, furthermore I am now becoming confident about myself and optimistic about my career development. I can’t thank you enough!! 🙂 🙏 (RL)

“I am very much at peace with the answers and reading I received from Rav. She is absolutely brilliant and listens to your thoughts and questions without any rush. I found it more helpful than the usual reading I received from Indian astrologers. Rav helps you to direct your energy and inner thoughts to a more positive route and to find the winning lottery number😂😂. I would utterly most recommend her to anyone who is reading this. Very professional, polite, optimistic and breath of fresh air to modern astrology.” (JS) 

“The chart reading service, provided by Rav was very informative and covered all the aspects I was interested in and more. Very clear explanation and helpful advice. Rav herself made me feel very comfortable talking about my life and helped me feel more optimistic about the problems I am facing. Would definitely recommend for people who are lost in life and need some coaching along the way in finding their path.” (DC)

“Thank you so much for last night. As I said yesterday, you’re amazing at what you do and I really appreciate you taking the time out to guide me. I was quite sceptical about it if I’m honest but seriously I didn’t realise how much it would actually make sense. And ironically it all seems so structured and logical.” (MN)

“The session was good. I think you helped me make up my mind with what I should do and where I should focus. Talking to you was very easy and satisfying.” (IS)

“Rav you are absolutely talented and gifted at what you do! I have had my readings done by many spiritual coaches before but none have been as precise and accurate as yours. I can honestly say you are not just a spiritual life coach but a great counselor too in offering guidance and helping one to find the right path in life. Your reading has given me very insightful knowledge about my life and I hope you carry on with this passion of yours – you are a fantastic life coaching whisperer!” (RL)

“Rav has a fantastic way of deciphering the messages we get every day, and the reading was delivered in a very open and positive way, in fact it was more of chat with a good friend or confidant! I feel I have answers to a lot of questions, and gave me insights to aspects of my life that I am now using to significantly move forward and attain the things that really make me happy. Fantastic, and HIGHLY recommended!!” (SS)

“The EA session with Rav was very insightful and interesting. Rav really knows her stuff and explains it so well. Everything that had happened in my life, events, my response patterns etc., made sense when she explained my chart. I felt like all the pieces fell into place. It helped me to understand and accept the past. The guidance I got from Rav will definitely help me to grow. Thanks Rav.” (NP)   

“Rav, you are very passionate about what you do. You seem to put so much thought into the responses by asking the right questions and appropriately preparing the summary. Your approach to the reading is analytic and methodical, almost scientific. Thanks Rav, for your insightful inputs! You are gifted at what you do.” (NK)

“I found the birth chart reading with Rav really helped me to understand my life journey so far, and has created a major shift in the way I look at things now and what I accept or expect of myself and others. Rav explained everything with really easy-to-relate-to examples but also filled me with inspiration by drawing on stories and quotes from various sources. I felt that she genuinely understood and cared about me as the client, and is very passionate about her subject and soul coaching. This is no crystal ball reading – she clearly spent a lot of time in creating the chart and interpreting it to me. Rav is a natural at spiritual and life coaching and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to make sense of life’s chaotic experiences sometimes. You won’t be thinking ‘why me’ after you’ve had a session with Rav. I think I was alright before the reading but after the reading, I definitely felt wiser, liberated, more at peace and happy within myself. I really do feel the difference and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is curious about the soul’s journey or seeking to make sense of an issue in their lives.” (MK)

“Rav provided me with a really interesting perspective on my present life from my past life/lives. It was an extremely thought-provoking, re-affirming, insightful and in-depth experience. A lot of things made so much sense! Thanks a million!!” (NV)

“I found my session with Rav extremely useful as it confirmed to me a lot of the things I already know or am discovering about myself. To have it validated in an Evolutionary Astrology session gave me the confidence and belief that I am on the right path at a time when I’m making some major life changes. What I enjoyed the most about the session was Rav’s knowledge and her passion for this. It was evident that Rav had spent quality time working on this. Her enthusiasm, genuineness and passion is inspiring and I’ll definitely be recommending Rav to a lot of my friends.” (YP)