Tarot Cards

Tarot cards date back to the late 15th and early 16th century but I bet their actual origins can be traced back to an earlier time, maybe even linked to a different civilization on earth! They are a beautiful set of cards that illustrates the different aspects of the life journey we all experience. The Major and Minor arcana cards all depict an aspect of our human psyche which align intuitively to our life experiences.

Rider Waite Tarot Deck

They were first used as a divination tool, offering guidance and insight and have subsequently over the years been associated with all things occult and this couldn’t be further from the truth! Traditionally they were meant for playing games, such as a deck of playing cards. Over time, they began to be used symbolically to reflect the world we lived in. Hence becoming a tool that provided insight to every day events.

For me personally, they are in fact a great guidance tool that can help to provide insight and advice to issues pertaining to an individuals life. I came across them in my early twenties, as I navigated through a difficult time and I sought guidance as to what was happening in my life and how I could overcome obstacles. I was also just intrigued to see what could potentially be coming my way!

Over time, I have learnt to read them and have done countless readings for family and friends. I have received feedback that the readings provided clarity, insight and guidance they needed at that time. As I have always been drawn to helping people in their life journeys, I have realized that I can also add a tarot card reading to my coaching portfolio. Therefore, I am making myself available for tarot readings at a cost of £30 for 30 minutes.

If you would like a tarot reading, then please reach out to me via my contact page specifying whether it’s a Tarot Card or Evolutionary Astrology reading (or both!) you would like.


“I clearly remember my first tarot card reading. It’s not something that I thought about doing previously and I wasn’t opposed to the idea, however I definitely knew I was open to the possibilities and the idea of a palm reading and tarot card readings really did intrigue me.

I didn’t really know what to expect, I had maybe seen scenes in films and on TV shows but beyond that I had no clue. Rav started her session and asked me to draw out a number of cards, I still remember taking a lot of time (not sure why) but once I did she laid out the beautifully illustrated cards out in front of me.

Rav proceeded to narrate to me what the cards were telling her. To say I was shocked and astonished was a complete understatement. Rav managed to draw out parts of my private life that was happening at that moment but nobody had any knowledge of.

I remember feeling a little on edge…I had only gone over to her place to say hello…I quickly made an excuse and went home!! The level of detail, knowledge and clarity she had provided astounded me and it stayed with me for a long time…that was in 2006!

I managed to get over the initial element of surprise and have had countless readings since. Rav has the ability to comfort you even when you may be faced with information you may not understand or that you’re not quite ready for. She understands people and problems and always offers a universal based view to guidance and love to help you seek your truth…I can’t recommend her enough.” (KA)


“It was a pleasure getting a reading done by you. You always make me feel content and happy when I get a reading done. Your approach is calm, clear, precise and direct. The guidance I received today, has made me realize to focus on certain aspects of my life. As always, I leave with a much better understanding on things which are occurring currently. Once again thank you.” (ZK)


“Thank you sooo much Rav for your amazing reading. I had to take a second to digest everything you had told me about myself considering never have met you! You are truly gifted and I felt so enlightened with the feedback and positive vibes you were giving out. The fact you knew such deep things I’ve never mentioned to friends really touched me! So grateful and will definitely do another one soon.” (JS)


“Thank you so much Rav. And thank you for the reading. I immediately feel quite a bit lighter.” (SA)